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Accessible Walking Tour app allows visitors to learn about the Richardson Olmsted's past, present, and future.

The Richardson Olmsted Complex existing walking tour needed an update. The IDeA Center developed a fully accessible Android application that allows visitors of all abilities to access the rich content of the Richardson Olmsted campus. The standalone mobile application relies on Google geo-location data to track users as they approached a designated point along the walking trail. A total of 11 numbered points along the trail provides a story. When users complete the tour, they will gain an in-depth history of the Richard Olmsted Campus. The audio tour allows users of all abilities, including blind and visually impaired users, to easily access the rich history, current functions, and future plans of the Olmsted Complex. Only an Android version is available, but there’s hope to create an IOS version in the near future. This work is part of the RERC on Universal Design and the Built Environment.

Two individuals walking along the Richard's Olmsted