Universal Design Consulting

Our experts will help you go beyond the minimum requirements for accessibility to achieve a higher level of performance for all people: Universal Design. This design approach helps ensure your facility will respond better to the diversity of all users through the use of innovative solutions for Universal Design (isUD™).
people waiting at the entrance of a movie theater

Accessibility Consulting

Our experts will let you know if the design of a future or existing building, site, or right-of-way complies with minimum accessibility requirements and give suggestions for addressing any issues we find. We will also help you implement a higher standard of care: universal design.

closeup of a wheelchair

Usability Testing​

Our experts are leaders in user experience research and design. Whether you are in the early stages of designing a new product, looking for input on design ideas or plans, or needing an evaluation of a prototype design, we can help. Using a universal design approach, we specialize in conducting user trials with prototypes to evaluate product performance across diverse populations.

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Wayfinding Design

Successful wayfinding design is vital to universal design. Our experts can help to design an efficient and functional wayfinding system for any new or existing building or site that facilitates user access, fosters understanding, aids social integration, and reduces feelings of stigma and isolation. 

Wayfinding sign showing direction of restrooms


We offer a variety of training opportunities for students, teachers, design professionals, and the community on how to design and create more inclusive environments.
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