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isUD Certified MuseumLab is a Finalist in SXSW 2020's Learn by Design Competition

MuseumLab make lab at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
The recent expansion of the  Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, MuseumLab, has been named as one of the finalists in the SXSW EDU 2020’s Learn by Design competition. The competition honors imaginative and impactful approaches to the design of physical learning environments. The IDEA Center collaborated with the Museum to help make the expansion project a truly inclusive place for visitors of all abilities.MuseumLab is now the first museum in the country to earn an innovative solution for Universal Design (isUD) certification. The isUD™ program empowers its users to eliminate barriers in public and commercial spaces and create inclusive environments for all.

MuseumLab's Universal Design Features

wayfinding signage on post

Increasing Usability

The museum’s signage system is consistent throughout the site and features high contrast text and directional information that can be easily identified from all vantage points.

Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh MuseumLab Utilizing Art for Wayfinding

Improving Awareness

Murals and other selected artworks are designed to visually identify points of interest and support effective wayfinding.

Flexible Seating in Exhibit Spaces

Supporting Cultural Appropriateness

Showcasing the original architecture that had long been hidden in this building, serves to highlight the unique history of the space and the city at large.

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