US Access Board Transfer Study

  1. This project will accomplish two major goals:
    • Engage in data collection at the IDeA Center, School of Architecture and Planning, University at Buffalo, State University of New York that capitalizes on the work of the previously completed Anthropometry of Wheeled Mobility Project, and determine the percentage of people impacted if the minimum height for diagnostic equipment is lowered from 19 inches.
    • Quantify the numbers of people with disabilities for whom heights lower than 19 inches will result in the ability to transfer independently while heights at 19 inches or higher would result in dependent transfer.
    • Identify optimal transfer surface heights for supporting wheelchair slide transfers.
    • Establish a minimum appropriate standard balancing all interests, including the manufacturers and disability advocates.
    • Compare the ability of people of short stature to use seat heights of 17 in. and 19 in.
  2. Support the presentation of results to the Access Board and at public information meeting for the benefit of interested stakeholders.

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