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Goals of Universal Design

Goals of Universal Design - illustration of various types of people

Over the last 40+ years, significant efforts have been made to increase inclusivity and accessibility in the built environment. Although accessibility laws have helped to support these outcomes and decrease discrimination due to physical barriers, UD aims to go further to better support the needs of all people. Building upon the foundation of the Seven Principles of UD, the Goals of Universal Design were created.

The IDEA Center developed the Goals of Universal Design© to define the outcomes of UD practice in ways that can be measured, linked to existing bodies of knowledge, and applied to all design domains within the constraints of existing resources.

Every week we are going to do a deep dive into each of the Goals of Universal Design; Body Fit, Comfort, Awareness, Understanding, Wellness, Social Integration, Personalization, and Cultural Appropriateness. Follow this link to receive your FREE material on the Goals of Universal Design. You’ll receive access to a handout, and a FREE nano presentation on the Goals.
Goals of UD: Body Fit

Week 1: Body Fit

Accommodating a wide range of body sizes and abilities.

The illustration features varying swing sizes to allow people of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to comfortably play and swing alongside one another.

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