Krista Macy

Krista Macy, M. Arch.


Krista’s path to a career in design was not at all linear. Her previous work hadn’t given her the complete set of tools she needed to merge her interests with her goals to improve other people’s quality of life. After a serendipitous encounter while out for drinks one evening, she heard about the great work being done at the IDeA Center. It was after this night that she made the decision to supplement her background in Health Sciences by returning to the University at Buffalo to pursue a master’s degree in architecture with a focus on Inclusive Design. Her experience working with children with Cystic Fibrosis, along with her volunteer work as an adaptive ski instructor, inspired her to reimagine a world that accommodated people with unique needs. It was clear that architectural design was a means to combine her previous personal and professional experiences with her passion. In her spare time, Krista can be found enjoying all things comedy and sarcasm (to a fault), skiing, and renovating her 1860s farmhouse with her husband.

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