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Smartphone Coupled with 3D printing Technology Aims to Help Stroke Patients with In-Home Rehabilitation

Participant using mRehab smartphone application

The IDEA Center has been collaborating with faculty members in the University at Buffalo’s Rehabilitation Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Computer Science departments to create a portable device to help individuals self-manage their rehabilitation when recovering from a stroke. The mRehab consists of three-dimensional printed household items such as a mug, bowl, key, and doorknob connected to a smartphone. The smartphone custom app guides users through a series of task-oriented activities and measures the time to complete the activity and quality of movement such as smoothness and accuracy. mRehab differs from traditional rehabilitation methods by providing performance-based feedback to the user allowing them to self-monitor their improvement. The project has been awarded funding internally through the University at Buffalo, as well as National Institute of Health (NIH). It placed second in the University at Buffalo’s Innovation Sprint on Aging and was a finalist in the New York State Dept. of Health’s Aging Innovation Challenge.

Additional Photos

Smartphone inserted into Mug
Smartphone inserted into key holder
Smartphone inserted into door holder

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