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Evaluating Innovations in Home Modification

Home Renovation Lab housing mockup
Home Innovation Research Labs' Housing Mockup

The IDEA Center’s Danise Levine, AIA, traveled to Home Innovations Research Labs’ state-of-the-art testing laboratory in January to meet with research partners for a three year project funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The project, comprised of research, prototype testing and the evaluation of accessible design retrofits for semi- and non-detached housing, began in 2017. Phase I, a literature review co-authored by the IDEA Center is in its final review stage, with Phase II, prototype testing of accessible retrofits, set to begin next month. This phase will be completed utilizing a full-scale mockup home in Home Innovations’ Maryland facility. The four products being tested include the following: Flex Step, the Stair Steady, Movable Wall System, and All-Push Door. Stay tuned for the final literature review publication and retrofit research results!

Additional Photos

Researchers standing at the front entrance of HIL housing mockup
Engineer Patricia Gunderson and Architect Danise Levine
Upperlanding View of Home Innovation Lab Housing Mockup
View of the Housing Mockup from the Upper Level Observational Research Lab and Deck
Aerial view of Home Innovation Lab Housing Mockup
Aerial View of Housing Mockup

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