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Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Mira

I grew up in Jordan, Amman. I moved to the United States about 5 years ago to attend college. I recently completed my undergraduate degree in architecture. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Architecture at the University at Buffalo, and I’m a member of the Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group. In my free time I like to engage myself in student activities and student representative groups. I am also involved in other extracurricular activities like sports and community service.

During my undergraduate tenure at UB I was extensively interested in homelessness and designing for all. This has always been my vision and dream to utilize inclusive and human centered design in my architecture practice. Thanks to architecture professors Korydon Smith and Nicholas Rajkovich, who introduced me to the IDEA Center. The Center engages in work that shares my vision and interests. Today, I am blessed to have an opportunity to help propel this vision at the IDEA Center, which I know will help my future and shape my architectural education. I am learning a lot about inclusivity and designing for all. In the future, it is my hope to potentially open a non-profit organization that will be able to build homes for homeless individuals and their families.

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