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Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Madeleine

Graduate assistant Madeleine

My name is Madeleine Niepceron and I am a French architecture student at UB, in the Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group. I was born and raised in Paris, France and I fell in love with the USA in 2017 after my exchange year at Iowa State University, which is why I decided to get my master’s degree in Buffalo. My two greatest passions in life are cats and architecture, but I also enjoy traveling, cooking and baking.

I chose to work at the IDEA Center because as a future architect, I believe that inclusive design should be applied to all projects and that no one should ever be isolated or excluded from a space because of a physical, cultural, or mental “difference”.

Working at the IDEA Center is helping me increase my knowledge and my understanding of inclusive design and all the challenges that comes with it. My ambition after I graduate is to be able to specialize my practice as an “inclusive architect”, and design spaces that are truly made for all.


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