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Graduate Assistant Spotlight: Gurkiran

Student assistant Gurkiran

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Sustainable Transportation and Logistics, a dual program offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science and School of Management at UB. I bring with me many years of consulting experience from a broad spectrum of sectors ranging from transportation to manufacturing for government institutions.

It’s been over 9 months since I started working at the IDEA Center, but it feels like just yesterday. I was really interested in working at the Center because I wanted to broaden my perspective, and in particular, understand the needs of vulnerable populations. I’m currently helping to run focus groups to learn how different stakeholder utilize wayfinding technology. I previously helped conduct research on accessibility gaps in Western New York’s public transportation system.

I really enjoy working with a multidisciplinary team on a host of problems. I think working at the IDEA Center has made me a better researcher. I now understand the importance and value of inclusion and strive to incorporate the lessons I’ve learned as I move forward in my career.

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