Project 5 - Williamsville, NY

Client Profile

  • 11 yr old male
  • Has Spina Bifida
  • Primary means of mobility is a manual wheelchair
  • Father are primary caretakers
  • Project was state funded

Existing Conditions

  • The bathroom was too small to give the client necessary maneuvering space.
  • The sink and vanity made it difficult for the client to use independetly.
  • A lack of grab bars has made the approach to bathroom fixtures difficult.

Design Solutions

  • The closet in an adjacent bedroom was removed to allow the size of the bathroom to expand to accomodate a roll-in shower.
  • The existing toilet was removed and replace with an elevated model.
  • The sink and vanity were replaced by a wall-hung sink to provide knee clearance.
  • A series of grab bars were installed to faciltate bathroom functions.

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