Project 4 - Salamanca, NY

Client Profile

  • 22 yr old male
  • Mild cerebral palsy
  • Moderate mental retardation
  • Surgically repaired hip
  • Mother is primary caretaker, who wants to prepare home in the event that a wheelchair is required.
  • Project was state funded

Existing Conditions

Existing bathroom
Existing bathroom
  • Existing bathroom was inaccessible due to lack of clearance space, accessible appliances, and grab bars.
  • Client's caregivers found it extremely difficult to help him due to the severe lack of space in the bathroom.

Design Solutions

  • The size and entrance to the bathroom were increased by relocating walls and reinforcing where necessary.
  • A roll-in shower was provided to replace the standard bathtub.
  • The existing sink was removed and a wall-hung sink was installed to provide knee clearance.
  • The existing toilet was removed and replaced by an elevated toilet
  • A series of grab bars was installed to aid the client with bathroom functions.


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