Project 2 - Clymer, NY

Client Profile

  • 9 yr old female
  • Diagnosed with severe encephalopathy with motor impairment, cerebral
  • palsy, seizures and dysphagia
  • Amish Family
  • Uses a tilt-in-space wheelchair propelled by others
  • Parents are primary caregivers
  • Project was state funded

Exisiting Conditions

Side of house
Side of house
Rear of house
Rear entrance to home

Rear view of home before modifications

Scope of Work

  • Homeowner requested an accessible enterance
  • 42 in. of rise from ground to first floor level
  • Most practical solution was an electric lift
  • Amish family - therefore no electricity could be used
  • Result was 47ft. of ramp, including intermediary landing

Design Solutions

Plan of ramp
Plan of ramp
Elevations of house and ramp
Elevations of house & ramp

House with finished ramp
House with finished


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