Inclusive Housing Stock Plans

Project Description

These Inclusive Housing stock plans are intended for people looking to build homes that work well for everyone, including those living with various abilities and living circumstances. The IDEA Center and our partners developed these plans to help fill the gap in the current single-family housing stock, which lacks homes designed for the lifespan, aging-in-place, and accessible to people with disabilities. Users can choose to include or exclude design elements and the plans do not specify products, appliances, or fixtures so users can fine-tune the level of accessibility and control cost. This site organizes the plans into several base models of varying affordability, each of which has one or more variants offering a different number of stories, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Each of the four base plans below has one or more variations available to fit different needs. Each variation provides an easy-to-read consumer plans as well as large-format dimensioned plans and CAD files that can be taken to a local design professional for further development based on your site and local codes.

Each base model has its own section beginning with an overview that includes illustrations of the design. The following pages include plans for each variant of the home. The first set of plans match the overview illustrations and call out key inclusive design features of the home. Each variant then highlights the differences from the base plan. Some of these differences result in changes to the exterior, many of which are reflected in the individual exterior illustrations.

Each home and variant identifies the number of stories, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Additionally, some plans are identified as affordable or elevator-ready.

Affordable Homes are designed to minimize construction costs and maximize value. Rooms and spaces are typically designed to be the minimum size necessary to allow an efficient furniture layout with sufficient circulation space. The footprints of the homes typically have a regular footprint resulting less complicated foundation and roof forms.

Elevator-ready homes include space for the future installation of an elevator using stacked closets sized appropriately to accommodate common residential elevator models. This enables people to build a lifespan home and avoid the up-front cost of an elevator they do not need, and minimize costs if the time ever comes that they require an elevator.

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