This home is designed for a changing family over time, or for rental income. The house is designed to work as both a single two-story home and two stacked apartments, capable of being easily converted between the two. The design features an open floor plan living area, a back entry into a bedroom or dining room on the first level, fully accessible bathrooms on both floors, elevator-ready stacked closets, no-step entry, and space for a back patio. The small footprint of the home is suitable for a narrow urban lot.

This home is ideal for both new homebuyers who require additional income via a second tenant, and for families that may one day be smaller as children grow up and leave the home. The option for an elevator makes the both levels of this home suitable for people with mobility impairments. This home can be converted from a single-family home into two flats when children leave home, or if adult children wish to remain close but have more privacy. It can also be designed in reverse, from two flats into a single-family home when a family expands.


v1: 1 Unit | 3 Bed | 3 Bath

Plans and Elevations​

v2: 2 Unit | 1 Bed | 1 Bath (ea.)

Plans and Elevations​