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Skyway Re-Use

Spring 2013

skyway re-use rendering

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Skyway Re-use

The Skyway, a connector overpass to the outer harbor, dominates the landscape of the area. There is a proposal on the table to tear down the Skyway and build a new bridge, however, the demolition cost would be well over ten million dollars. The Skyway could be retained and re-used for activities related to Canalside, even though another bridge is constructed. The view from the Skyway is exceptional since the span is so high and strategically situated on the waterfront. Unique and exciting attractions would make the Skyway an asset to Canalside and Buffalo and generate income to maintain the structure. Even if saving the Skyway proves unrealistic politically, a speculative project could identify ideas that may be used elsewhere in Canalside, the Outer Harbor or the Grain Elevator District.

Edward Steinfeld, Professor