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Spring 2012
user interface design recommendation

VisionARI: Enhancing Indoor Navigation for People with Visual Impairments

VisionARI is an indoor wayfinding smartphone application under development by Steve Sutter of Createability Concepts, Inc. It allows users to both create and follow step-by step routes within buildings, an area of navigation typically neglected by existing applications. The target audience for the application is the visually impaired, but its inclusive design features make it beneficial to all users who find themselves navigating an unfamiliar place. We were tasked with testing the application as it currently functions, and based on our experience with the application; our knowledge of inclusive design; a literature review of current wayfinding technologies and known issues the visually impaired face while wayfinding; and testing the application with a legally blind individual, we were able to develop a number of design recommendations for improving the user interface and functionality of the application. We then compiled our research and used our recommendations to create screenshots of how we envisioned the application to function.

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