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Individual/Adult - targeted for individuals of any gender, with or without disabilities

Family Restroom - targeted for parent(s) with children, single persons of any gender, with or without disabilities

Urinal Room - targeted for those who simply need to urinate, provides efficiency to free up other restroom types (possible future inclusion of women's urinal room)

Accomodation and Circulation:
Provide broad and individual accommodation for different genders, abilities/disabilities, and ages by basing bathroom use off of the visitor's choice of designation instead of a static, assigned designation.

The visitor's choice of restroom is the catalyst in organizing/determination of the visitor's circulation. The 'techno ritual': The visitor selects what type of restroom is desirable and is directed to an elevator entry where the visitor is then taken to an individual/private restroom. In this sense, repetition of the same choice of restroom will not necessarily lead to the same path and lcoation, rather it will lead to the same accommodation.

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