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Spring 2015 Courses

ARC 564: Behavior and Space

Dr. Sue Weidemann, Instructor
This course examines the many ways in which humans respond to (and sometimes modify) both private and public space.

ARC 592: Design for the Body

Dr. Edward Steinfeld, Instructor
This course will provide an introduction to design for the human body. It will include consideration of physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional issues in design using an evidence based approach.

ARC 596: The Built Environment in Media

Dr. Edward Steinfeld, Instructor
A set of core readings will introduce media as a cultural artifact and explore the differences between types of mass media from a perceptual perspective.

ARC 606: Inclusive Design Studio

Korydon Smith, Instructor
This studio explores the political, cultural, economic, spatial, tectonic, and aesthetic phenomena of informal settlements.