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Heamchand Subryan, M. Arch, MFA


Design Research Associate


Heamchand Subryan, M.Arch/MFA has worked at the IDeA Center for five years while completing his dual degree program in architecture and media studies with an emphasis on introducing responsive information technologies into built environments. At the IDEA Center, his responsibilities include interactive technology development, and graphic, website, exhibit, and interactive design. He manages and maintains the IDeA Center, UD E-World, GUDC, Inc., RERC on Accessible Public Transportation andUniversal Design Education websites. He is responsible for the layout, visual appearance, usability and accessibility of these sites. He has extensive experience with Web 2.0 technologies including CMS, wikis, blogs and social networks such as Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Additionally, he is trained in the requirements of web accessibility and usability.

His work in interactive devices includes developing a commercial prototype of an interactive model that orients blind users in their environment for a major school for the blind in New England, Chicago Lighthouse, the Perkins Center and is currently in discussions with the Smithsonian Museum, currently seeking funding for development of similar technology for their visitors. He is prototyping a device for use in a home to control multiple appliances and commercial products, and has redesigned user interfaces for common home appliances for product development. He routinely assists members of the architecture and planning faculty in the development of exhibitions, displays and products requiring interactive technology. As a researcher, he is interested in wayfinding technologies for blind users, smart home technologies for elderly individuals, tactile interfaces, web usability and accessibility, accessible transportation, and universal and accessible design.

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