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Victor Paquet, M.S., Sc.D., AEP

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Project Co-Director, R.E.R.C. [ R1 Project ] Prototype Anthropometric Database
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Dr. Paquet is the Co-Director of R1: Prototype Anthropometric Database of Wheelchair Users.  He is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.  He received his B.S. degree in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University in May, 1991, and his M.S. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering as a human factors and safety engineering major from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1995.  In May 1998, he received his Sc.D. in Work Environment from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

Dr. Paquet has extensive experience in ergonomics analysis methods, and use of ergonomics in work environment design.  His role on the R1 project involves the supervision of the data collection, analysis and display methodologies.   While working at the Center for Universal Design at Buffalo he has advised two students who have completed Master’s theses particularly relevant to the research project, and a third whose Master’s thesis resulted in the development of a new approach for the universal design of consumer products.  He has co-authored several peer reviewed publications related to this work that have either been accepted or submitted, and frequently makes presentations at R.E.S.N.A. and H.F.E.S. conferences.  He served on the Rehabilitation Sciences Center for Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel (S.B.I.R./S.T.T.R.), National Institutes of Health in 2002 and 2003, and participates on the A.N.S.I./R.E.S.N.A. and I.S.O. Wheelchair Standards Committee Working Group on Body and Seat Measures.  In addition to his R.E.R.C. work, his research activities include developing alternative methods for ergonomic job analysis in manufacturing environments to prevent workplace injury, developing new ways to incorporate ergonomics into manufacturing system design processes, and evaluating new educational techniques for engineering students.  These additional activities have primarily been funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (N.I.O.S.H.), National Science Foundation (N.S.F.) and private industry.  Dr. Paquet's has consulted on numerous industrial projects involving work analysis and the improvement of human performance during work.

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