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Current Services

The IDeA Center provides resources and technical expertise in architecture, product design, facilities management and the social and behavioral sciences.

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Continuing Education Online

The IDeA Center has had a high demand for traditional CE programs and online certificate programs. Traditional CE courses fulfill the need for professionals to maintain licenses. Many professionals seek to further establish their credentials by obtaining certificates in specialization areas. A university-based certificate program using distance learning can fulfill their needs for credentials at low cost and at their own pace and schedule.

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Home Modifications

The IDeA Center provides design and consulting services for families and individuals, social service agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Over 450 projects have been completed including workplace modifications, home modifications, home designs, renovation designs for group homes and a building signage system.

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image of the 2007 model home by Danise Levine

Model Homes

The IDeA Center has partnered with a local builder in the collaborative design of model houses for the Horizon Home Show, presented in the greater Buffalo area every summer by the Buffalo-Niagara Builders Association. This home show, open to the public for several weeks during the summer, is an opportunity to demonstrate how universal design can be integrated into contemporary housing. Danise Levine, Assistant Director of the IDEA Center, has partnered with Richard Bergman of Heartland Homes to design a universally-designed house for the 2003, 2004, and 2005 home shows. Below are examples of the homes that were built for these home shows, including a floor plan and universal design features.

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Post Occupancy Evaluation

A research project designed to validate the claimed benefits and evaluate examples of universal design in public buildings. To test and document the claimed benefits of universal design, several post-occupancy evaluation methods have been developed.

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Product Development Program

The IDeA Center's Product Development Program develops new product ideas, obtains intellectual property rights, if applicable, and develops licensing and royalty agreements with manufacturers. The Center also works with businesses to help them apply universal design to their product development and marketing initiatives.

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Universal Design Education Online

UDEO is a support site for educators and students in their teaching and studying of Universal Design.

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