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Welcome to the Models Home Project

Project Director: Danise Levine

The IDEA Center has partnered with a local builder in the collaborative design of model houses for the Horizon Home Show, prested in the greater Buffalo area every summer by the Buffalo-Niagara Builders Association.

This home show, open to the public for several weeks during the summer, is an opportunity to demonstrate how universal design can be integrated into contemporary housing. Danise Levine, Assistant Director of the IDEA Center, has partnered with Richard Bergman of Heartland Homes to design a universally-designed house for the we were involved in the 2003, 2005, and 2007 home shows. Below are examples of the homes that were built for these home shows, including a floor plan and universal design features.

Click the links below to view some examples of our projects:

idea center and heartland homes logos

Visit the homepage of Richard Bergman, Heartland Homes